Supply chain industry and material availability - update from Western Power

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Western Power recently issued the following update outlining significant global supply disruptions affecting the industry. ECA emphasises the importance of early forecasting and requisition placement to navigate these global supply constraints effectively.

Global supply disruption – industry outlook and update for this period 

  • Observing instances of disruption of Red Sea diversions with additional 14-21 day journey times and reduced sea container returns into Asia
  • Managing anticipated ongoing short term impacts from port disruptions from DP World industrial action with flow-on effects of delays experienced off boarding at Australian ports.
  • Continuing supply chain impacts of Eastern European conflict (lead times and material availability)
  • North American and European significant renewable infrastructure projects creating imposing demand across supply chains of transmission and distribution equipment 
  • Observing undoubted supplier homeland supply prioritisation in response to aforementioned demand increases 
  • Sustained high demand on raw material and componentry impacting global production 

Lead time / supply deterioration or improvement of note in this period:

Lead times extended:

  • Control Cable – EE1652/EE1654 – low stock until April 2024 (added EE1654 variant)
  • Connectors – FC0309 – low stock until April 2024. E&D testing alternatives but no immediate solution available
  • Drop Out Fuse – GF0068 - low stock till March 2024
  • Decorative Streetlights – low stock until April 2024 (Delays due to Sydney port industrial action and other supplier delays)
  • Fuse Link - GF0061 – Low stock until Mid Feb
  • Fuse Element – GF1562 – Low stock until Mid Feb
  • Power Supply – RA4010 – No stock until May 
  • Fuse Link – GF1026 – Low stock until May (Low stock due to faults, expediting orders with supplier - current ETA is May)
  • Cable Repair Kit – CZ0600 – Low Stock Until May 2024 
  • Insulator – IC0086 – Low Stock until Mid Feb 
  • Insulator – IF0001 – Low Stock until Mid Feb 
  • Insulator – IH0051/IH0052/IC0110 – Leadtime increased to 365 days
  • Streetlight Luminaries: Low Stock until March 2024 (Added ‘HL6421’. Delays due to Sydney port industrial action and other supplier delays)
  • Acculec supply lead times – currently assessing widespread stock code extending lead times recently advised by Acculec.

Lead times improved:

  • Eaton – SG4260 – lead time improved from 300 to 200 days 

Short term supply challenge resolved:

  • House Service Cable – EE1128 – volumes restored at JDC
  • Tie Wire – CT0164 - volumes restored at JDC
  • Surge Arrestor – GA3008 - volumes restored at JDC
  • Spreader Rods – IR0006 - volumes restored at JDC

Please contact your Supply Chain Specialist or the Inventory Materials Supply team, on for any questions or clarifications on this update. 

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