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Building and Energy announce consumer electrical safety campaigns

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Building and Energy has launched three targeted electrical safety campaigns for the year, focusing on testing residual current devices (RCDs), avoiding DIY electrical and gas work, and the dangers of unapproved electrical appliances.

The initiatives are based on an in-depth analysis of accident reports and consumer interactions. The first campaign encourages the regular testing of RCDs, devices critical for preventing electric shocks, highlighted through new educational videos and guides. The second, sparked by a recent tragedy involving DIY electrical work, reminds the public of the risks and legal repercussions of unauthorized home installations.

The final campaign, set to start in October, aims to educate consumers on identifying and avoiding potentially hazardous electrical products, particularly those purchased from overseas. Building and Energy emphasizes the importance of these measures in preventing injuries and ensuring community safety. More information and resources are available on Building and Energy's official website and social media channels.