Membership Declaration Terms & Conditions | ECAWA

Membership Declaration Terms & Conditions


1. I am applying for Membership or Associate Membership of the Electrical and Communications Association of Western Australia Inc (“ECA WA Inc”) and hereby certify and agree to the following clauses:

a) That the above statement is a true and correct record;

b) That as a condition of acceptance of this application, agree, if approved as a Member or Associate Member, to adhere to and be bound by the current Rules (as applicable to Members and Associate Members), Technical Knowledge Base (“TKB”) User Agreement (see page 9 of this form), Constitution and Code of Conduct of ECA WA, which may be modified or varied in any extent in the future;

c) That in the event of resignation or becoming a non-financial member, agree not to act in any way that could give a misleading impression to others that I am still a member of ECA WA;

d) That I consent to ECA WA using my personal information, subject to the ECA WA Privacy Policy as amended from time to time; and

e) That I consent to ECA WA contacting me by means of electronic communications in relation to services and/or promotional material.

2. I agree that my Membership and Associate Membership subscription is for a minimum period of 12 months from the date I commit to payment (Anniversary Date) and will automatically continue from year to year, unless written notice of my intention to cancel my subscription is received by ECA WA.